Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Beautiful Summer Colour Combinations

Beautiful summer colours bring a room out of the doldrums and make you smile! With an eclectic mix of colours which radiate summer shades, living rooms become stylish interiors which ooze chic style.

Mixing and matching patterns is right on-trend and a great way to keep your living room bang up to date without having to spend a fortune; you can even cover the seats of your sofa and chairs in a completely different colour, pattern and type of fabric to create a fresh new look – a marvellous way to extend the life of your furniture along with embracing the trend of up-cycling effectively.

Add table lamps modern, bright and in a contrasting colour to add interest to a room and don't forget to add an abundance of fresh flowers to add the summer touch which can be picked from your garden! With the Chelsea Flower show in full swing this week it makes the quintessential flower inspiration easy to follow!

Mix stripes with floral fabrics, chevrons with blocks of contrasting plain colours within the same colour range and it's easy to achieve a beautiful room which is full of character and chic charm.

Image: VT Interiors blogspot

Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

Interior kantor

Interior apartemen

Furniture dengan finishing HPL

Stay True To Your Own Individuality

Mix and not matching creates a chic style which suits modern family homes and lifestyles. Stripes are known to make rooms appear taller which gives the illusion of more space and light.

With discount fabric warehouse stores online its easy to collect materials of all colours, patterns and fabrics to make an abundance of cushions to pile onto sofas, chairs and beds to create a homely look.

I think it makes a real change to focus on reality rather than dreaming of the impossible! Interior designers undoubtedly create great interiors, however for the vast majority these designs come with a hefty price tag – the trick is to use the ideas, tweak them a little and create your own interior style which reflects your independence and personality not your budget.

With little skill you can transform your living space into a haven rich with colour, pattern and chic style. Just remember to stand true to the style of your home and leave the homes of the rich and famous as places to visit in person or via the internet and pinch ideas from!

Be open to trying new styles, experiment and broaden your horizons so that your home becomes envied!

Image: Decorology

Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

Innovative Ways To Brighten Your Kitchen Cupboards

We know that bold patterns are right on-trend this year, along with people being more pedantic over the choice they make for using sustainable materials. As such why not use bright bold fabric to cover your kitchen cupboards?

An inexpensive and very different approach to up-dating kitchen cupboards! With the ability to buy fabric online then are a whole plethora of beautiful designs and patterns to choose from. Opt for medium weight fabrics to enable you to simply stick it to the cupboard doors.

You should also look for fabrics which don't fray otherwise you'll have to turn a small hem all the way round which, unless you're very careful won't give you a nice flat and even surface edge. PVC fabric may be the best choice as these are also wipe clean, have a thicker density which won't be spoilt by glue seeping through.

Ask staff in a fabric warehouse for suggestions if you're unsure or drop their customer service team an e-mail for advice.

You have to admit this is an ingenious and inexpensive way of bringing a whole new trendy look to your kitchen! You could even use the same fabric for a table runner or make your own Roman blinds for a balanced and cohesive look.

Image: AtticMag

Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Make Your Own Statement Headboard

Statement headboards are right on-trend and you don't have to be an expect in interior design or DIY to achieve the look!

All you need is a little inspiration from the designers by looking at interior design blogs, then browse for gorgeous fabric online and rustle up your own version, as long as the headboard is big and the colours you choose compliment your d├ęcor anything goes!

Use MDF board and simply cover it with your chosen fabric, a staple gun will come in handy or if you prefer a softer headboard to lean against stick a layer of foam to the board before you cover it.

To create a professional look to your bedroom buy enough fabric to make matching boudoir style cushions or use it to make your own Roman blinds, so that the colours and patterns blend together. However, don't forget the centre of attention should be the headboard, so don't go overboard an the accessories otherwise there will be too much competition for centre stage which can lead to a unbalance and unharmonious look.

To bring another of this year's trends into your bedroom opt for big bold prints which are ideal for creating statement headboards!

Image: Decorology

Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

Have An Eye For A Bargain!

Having an eye for a bargain is hot on everyone's agenda, especially if you've just moved into your first flat or home. As we all know a bargain is only a true bargain if you actually need the object you're buying, it's not the same as a 'wish list'!

I classify window dressing as a necessity not a luxury! Therefore to get real value for money you need to scour curtains for sale from a discount fabric warehouse and snap up genuine bargain which will you can use, and if necessary re-use, time and time again.

Look for reversible curtains as these will enable you to change the look of a room as well as giving your neighbours something new to look at if you don't have nets or blinds!

Also look out for curtain linings thermal style to give you added comfort and help reduce heat loss via your windows, which in turn will help lower your fuel bills! Do a little savvy shopping and you'll find that you can be frugal without having to scrimp on having a stylish window dressing!

Opt for patterned curtain fabrics as these will not restrict your interior style as you'll be able to pick out colours from the fabric to use as an accent to create a harmonious look.

Image:Endless Inspiration

Minggu, 09 Mei 2010

Let's Think Of A New Interior Design Style Name

Shabby chic remains to trend and it's one of interior design styles you either love or loathe! I think the problem may be that many people think the style is a good excuse for having an untidy home – just call it 'shabby chic'!

However, in reality shabby chic is it's own distinctive style which takes as much planning and thought as any other design style. It may be the case that a new name needs to be found for those rooms which are crammed full of clutter, somehow 'clutter chic' doesn't have the same ring to it!

Then of course there's the rustic look which is also used for many interiors which aren't truly rustic, just unfinished! As with shabby chic, rustic interiors also need to be considered carefully to achieved the desired look.

Maybe these unfinished homes should just be given the tag 'lived-in look'? as many people don't have the time, money or inclination to make the most of their homes.

Creating any style needs to be well planned and yet to achieve most you don't need to spend a fortune. Opt for bamboo roller blinds or wooden blinds cheap, cheerful and can create a stunningly simplistic style to windows.

Image: Decorology

Senin, 03 Mei 2010

Try Fabric Printing To Make Your Own Art Work!

Add a touch of spring to your bedroom with beautiful colour combinations of lime and purple. Set against a white back drop these colours create a gorgeous colour scheme which suits modern and contemporary homes beautifully.

Adding wall art with identical colours brings the room together and is a great way to add new dimensions and looks to a bedroom. Do away with the traditions of formal prints or pop art and deck your bedroom walls with the 'unusual' which team with your bedding sets.

If you fancy trying your hand at some 'cut work' or unusual paint effects you can be inspired by others! With the availability of buying fabric online you can mix and match patterns and colours to suit your living space.

Look for patterned fabrics which offer the opportunity to cut out the detailing and then use this to make prints in your chosen colour, a bit like potato printing you did when you were younger, with an adult twist!

There are lots of great ideas for bringing a fresh new look to your home online; if you can't think of your own ideas then take snippets and looks from other people, after all that's what great interior design ideas are all about – sharing with others!

Image: My Notting Hill

Sabtu, 01 Mei 2010

tehnical support, how we create a custom furniture

Kepada Yth : Dear all pengungjung blogsite kembangdjati furn
Subject : penjelasan tehnis ttg produk yang ditawarkan

A.Ragam Produk
1.Produk furniture untuk kebutuhan isi kantor (office / corporated furniture) meliputi :
a.Meja kerja (bureau desk)
b.Rak penyimpanan (storage)
c.Meja rapat
d.Kursi tamu
e.Huruf timbul / logo perusahaan
f.Meja kasir
g.Meja CS (front desk)
h.Tata lampu (lighting system)
i.Kaca variasi sandblasting
2.Produk furniture untuk kebutuhan dibidang penjualan (commercial furniture) meliputi :
a.Rak display
b.Rak gantung (hang display)
c.Rak pameran
d.Logo perusahaan (company ID)/huruf timbul
e.Meja servis
f.Meja CS (front desk)
g.Tata lampu (lighting system)

3.Jasa re-finishing produk lama dan jasa finishing untuk produk yang sudah ada, misalkan : re-finishing display.

B.Penjelasan Dasar Tentang Produk

1.Bahan dasar produk (base material) adalah :
Papan artificial, antara lain :
-Multi Density Fibreboard (MDF) merk SUMALINDO yang saat ini terbaik di Indonesia (standar ekspor) dengan ketebalan yang bervariatif.
-Blockboard, papan buatan/ artificial dengan 1 sisi muka dari kayu alami seperti mahoni, jati dll. Ketebalan 15mm dan 18 mm.
-Multiplex, terbuat dari veneer/ kulit kayu alami dengan proses press.
-TeakWood, terbuat dari veneer /irisan kulit kayu alami. Biasanya digunakan untuk lapisan akhir pada produksi furniture yang terbuat dari papan artificial.

2.Model dasar produk / modelling
a.Model lokal /indoteak furn
b.Model manca (acuan dari model yang di update dari internet)
c.Model custom

3.Metode penyemprotan / finishing system, dengan penjelasan sbb:
a.Berdasarkan campuran larutan :
A1. Waterbase (dengan pelarut air)
Untuk produk furniture outdoor. Tahan terhadap cuaca dan terik panas matahari.
A2. Solvent base (dengan pelarut thinner)
Produk dengan metode penyemprotan ini mempunyai hasil akhir paling bagus dan halus, semua produk mewah dan premium memakai metode ini. Kualitas thinner sebagai pelarut sangat berpengaruh pada hasil akhir.

b. Berdasarkan metode pengeringan :
B1. Sistem 1 komponen (1K)
Sistem penyemprotan dengan metode ini tidak memakai hardener untuk pengeringannya. Hasil akhir tahan gores terhadap tekanan pensil 2H.
B2. Sistem 2 komponen (2K)
Sistem ini menggunakan hardener sebagai pengering. Kandungan asam yang ada pada larutan hardener membantu proses pengeringan.

c.Berdasarkan metode pewarnaan (toning/ colouring) :
Pewarnaan langsung (direct colouring)
Pewarnaan tidak langsung (indirect colouring)

d.Berdasarkan system pengecatan (finishing system) yang dipakai :
D1. Transparan / dyestuff
Sistem pengecatan dengan metode ini mempunyai karakter hasil transparan (clear), cocok untuk furniture yang memakai bahan dasar kayu solid (jati, mahoni) ataupun papan artificial yang mempunyai permukaan serat natural (blockboard, teakwood).
D2. Solid / enamel laquirer
Lebih dikenal dengan nama umum cat duco. Sistem pengecatan dengan metode ini menghasilkan warna-warna solid. Cocok untuk furniture modern / bentuk minimalis.
D3. Fancy NC
Perpaduan antara sistem pengecatan diatas. Serat kayu masih tetap terlihat. Cocok untuk produk office furniture.

e.Berdasarkan bahan finishing yang dipakai :
E1. Melamine System
Finishing dengan sistem ini paling banyak dan umum digunakan untuk produk-produk furniture lokal. Memakai thinner sebagai pengencer. Jenis 2 komponen (memakai hardener sebagai pengering). Hasil akhir halus. Cukup tahan terhadap goresan sampai dengan ketajaman pensil ukuran 2H.
E2. Nitrocellulose System
Atau lebih dikenal dengan nama umum NC. Jenis 1 komponen tanpa hardener. Sistem pengecatan NC menjadi standar minimal untuk ekspor, dikarenakan bahannya anti toxic /tidak beracun. Hasil akhir serat kayu tetap terbuka (open grain). Daya tahan terhadap goresan tidak begitu kuat. Furniture lama yang memakai pengecatan metode ini lebih mudah dikoreksi atau direvisi (re-finishing). Hasil akhir lebih bagus daripada melamine system.
E3. Polyurethane System
Lebih umum menggunakan nama PU System. Jenis 2K yang lebih terintegrasi. Memakai pengencer thinner khusus agar hasil lebih maksimal. PU system saat ini digunakan untuk pengecatan barang-barang / produk mewah (premium product). Contohnya pada piano (pianocract quality), automotive (mobil mewah) ataupun produk-produk yang membutuhkan finishing/ hasil akhir yang sangat halus dan bagus. Daya tahan terhadap goresan paling unggul dikelas finishing solvent base (dengan pengencer thinner). Ketebalan finishing / dry film thickness bagus dikelasnya.

f.Sistem Tempel Press / laminate system
Sistem ini tidak menggunakan airspray pada umumnya. Banyak digunakan di furniture/ interior modern sebagai variasi. Bahan terbuat dari serat fiber sintetis dengan ketebalan dan corak yang bervarisi. Kekuatannya sangat bergantung pada

kekuatan lem dan proses produksi (steril). Macam yang ada sesuai kelasnya, dari kelas supercon, tacosheet s.d HPL.

g.Powder Coating
Finishing dengan system ini masih tergolong baru. Tidak menggunakan thinner sebagai pelarut. Cara penyemprotan menggunakan spray khusus yang dialiri electrostatic. Serbuk cat akan menempel pada bidang kerja kemudian dilumerkan di oven dengan suhu s.d 180 derajat celcius minimal 2 jam. Hasil akhir mempunyai karakter anti gores yang paling kuat dikelas apapun. Kehalusan permukaan (smoothing) tidak lebih dari PU system. Ketebalan finishing (DFT/ dry film thickness) paling unggul. Lebih cocok untuk produk-produk alat pabrik, produk-produk outdoor yang membutuhkan hasil akhir yang tahan terhadap cuaca dan goresan /benturan ringan.

C.Konsentrasi Produksi
Produksi mengacu ke standar lebih daripada produk umum. Untuk menekan harga produksi, berdasarkan pengalaman yang ada dan yang terus kami update, kami me-mixing bahan dan sistem yang dijelaskan diatas dengan tujuan produksi hasil yang bagus dengan meminimalkan harga yang di investasikan oleh customer kami (best buy). Untuk produk dengan hasil warna transparan kami memakai melamine system sebagai dasar (base coat) dan NC system s.d PU system pada tahap selanjutnya (toning& topcoat). Pada produk-produk dengan memakai warna solid kami memakai system NC pada tahap awal dan system PU pada tahap akhir agar hasil maksimal dan optimal. Selain bahan-bahan produksi diatas, kemampuan SDM dan peralatan pendukung (tools) juga sangat berperan di hasil produksi. Untuk tenaga sprayman kami memakai orang yang sudah ahli dibidangnya (Quality Control Level). Peralatan kami juga memakai standar minimal airspray merk MEIJI selain merk lain yang mendapat penghargaan atas kualitas di forum finishing peripherals (kami pesan dari distributor pabrikan pembuat)
Kontak : Ghofar 081390840100
Office : Jl. MT. Haryono 136 Semarang

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